Frank and Friends Internet Radio – Luis Pozzolo, Robin Vhidston and Hold their Feet to The Fire in Washington (Audio)

“Rand Paul is telling everybody the Tea Parties are backing him up. No, they are not. I do have a letter, a press release that was sent by the Tea Party last week when I was in Washington, DC, and they are not supporting Rand Paul with the immigration bill. Every Tea Party in Kentucky signed that press release, it was sent last week, Rand Paul does not have the support of the Tea Party to go through with this amnesty thing.” Luis Pozzolo of ALIST

Frank J.

A Report From Washington

Our show tonight featured Luis Pozzolo of ALIST and Robin Vhidston of We The People Californias Crusader. Both Luis and Robin went to Washington to lobby against illegal immigration and the Gang of Eights amnesty plan. In this episode you will hear them talk about:

1.Luis confronting Marco Rubio
2.Robin and Ray having had Capitol police called on them by someone in John Boehnor’s office
3. The rallies held in California where illegals were violent with Americans
4. How TEA Party members were cold shouldered in Washington and more.

Listen here.

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