4 teens caught allegedly smuggling $90K of heroin into US

Border Patrol says transnational criminal organizations are going to extreme lengths, like using teenagers, to bring illegal drugs into the U.S.

Four teenage girls were caught trying to smuggle heroin through the Nogales border on Monday.

A commercial shuttle was going through the I-19 Border Patrol checkpoint and was referred for inspection.

Border Patrol agents say a 15-year-old passenger was acting nervously during questioning and when they got consent to search her bags, they found bundles of heroin.

Agents searched the three other 15 to 17-year-old passengers and allegedly found bundles of heroin tucked into the their waistbands.

A total of 7.75 pounds of heroin worth $90,000 was recovered.

The teens were turned over to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.


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