Immigrant-Rights Groups ‘Dictate Law Enforcement Policies’ at ICE and DHS, ICE Council President Says

“Agents are forced to apply the DREAM Act, not to children in schools, but to adult inmates in jails. Releasing criminals back into communities throughout the nation, criminals who have committed felonies, assaulted our officers, and who prey on children.”

Immigrant-rights groups are dictating law enforcement policy at DHS and ICE, ICE agent Chris Crane, President of the National ICE Council representing the nation’s ICE officers and agents charged today at a press conference hosted by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

“Immigrant-rights groups now work with ICE and DHS and dictate the law enforcement policies within these agencies, not the United States Congress. Under the Obama Administration, immigration agents can no longer arrest those who violate U.S. immigration law,” said Crane, whose group represents approximately 7,600 officers, agents and employees who work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Crane said agents aren’t being allowed to do their jobs:

“Immigration agents cannot arrest an individual for entering the United States illegally. [ICE] can’t arrest an individual who illegally overstays a VISA. Immigration agents are prohibited from enforcing laws regarding fraudulent documents and identity theft by illegal aliens.


Complete text linked here.

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