Ted Nugent: ‘Illinois gun laws are against the instinct and rules of humanity’ – calls for civil disobedience

Joe Walsh took it even one step further and stated that Illinois residents should ignore the current laws and carry concealed anyway. “I don’t care if we don’t have a conceal carry law right now,” said Walsh on his talk show. “There isn’t a law abiding citizen in this city that doesn’t have the right to protect themselves… and if that means breaking the law to do it, we’re going to do it.”

In an interview with former Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, Ted Nugent called for civil disobedience among Illinois gun owners. “It’s time for a Rosa Parks from ‘We the People.’” Nugent said. “The law forbidding that black lady from sitting on that bus — her choice of seat — she had to at some point go, ‘I’ve had it. The law is evil. The law is against human rights.’ The Illinois gun laws are against the instincts and the rules of humanity. It must be changed as quickly as possible.”


Complete text linked here.

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