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Chuck Connors (1921-1992) is most remembered as Lucas McCain, The Rifleman. However, there are many more chapters to his story. Chuck was not only a fine actor, but a wonderful athlete and a generous man who organized or participated in multiple charitable events. He had a larger-than-life personality, outgoing and outspoken, but also compassionate and loyal to his friends.

Chuck ‘s career included playing professional baseball for the Chicago Cubs and the Montreal Royals as well as the Los Angeles Angels. He was also a Boston Celtic in the first year of the Professional Basketball Association and had the dubious distinction of being the first player to shatter a glass backboard.

Although The Rifleman brought Chuck fame, he had already started building a solid career in the entertainment industry. He played bad guys and good guys, cowards and heroes with equal ease. He worked with many Hollywood legends and he rode tall in the saddle in many westerns and fought in the trenches in many war movies. From his childhood in Brooklyn, New York, to his careers in both basketball and baseball, to his entry into Hollywood, Chuck used his natural talents to carve out a life story worth telling. This site is dedicated to that life story. We invite you to join us a we look at Chuck’s history and celebrate his legacy.


Our Chuck Connors.

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