Adam Carolla on Liberal Media Bias: You’re ‘Insane’ Not to Admit it Exists

Adam Carolla knows liberal media bias exists because he’s seen it up close and personal. So when he watches the mainstream press ignore President Barack Obama’s hypocrisy he simply chalks it up to more of the same.

Those lessons are starting to rub off on Carolla’s podcast partner, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The two, reunited after spending a decade on the syndicated Loveline radio show, explored how the media reacts to the president’s lavish lifestyle on their most recent installment of The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.

The conversation started as the duo discussed Obama’s busy golf schedule.

“If it was George Bush doing that, we’d hear about it every day,” Dr. Pinsky said.

Carolla then brought up the massive disconnect between the president’s economic rhetoric and his royal reality.

“You’re telling everyone to pitch in, tighten your belt and pay your fair share,” Carolla said. “From a P.R. standpoint I don’t understand … I’m not fucking Rush Limbaugh … what message are you sending, and what are you asking? You’re saying sequestration, White House tours closed, and then you’re partying with Beyonce.”

Dr. Pinsky, who wades into partisan matters warily, seemed flustered that some people in the press “just get a full pass.”


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