How I am partly to blame for Mass Immigration by Peter Hitchens

The following article, on Mass Immigration, its history and importance, was published in the Mail on Sunday on 31st March:

Was this Britain? Every group of people I passed was speaking Russian.

The shops were full of black bread, pickled cucumbers and vodka, the faces were Slavic.

The advertisements in the windows were in the Cyrillic script I had come to know so well when I lived, many years before, in Moscow.

Yet here I was in the shadow of a lovely English Gothic church tower, half-way to dear old Skegness, surrounded by fields of English turnips, leeks and sugar beet, under an English heaven.

This was Boston, Lincolnshire, which I had first seen three decades ago as a somnolent, slightly shabby market town where a kindly traffic warden had found me a parking space, saying: ‘We can always find room for a foreigner.’

In those days, a visitor from London was about as foreign as it got in Boston.

Now they were talking Portuguese in the pubs, Polish in the cafes, Latvian and Estonian on the buses.

If I had fallen into the river and called out ‘Help!’, I couldn’t even have been sure that anyone would have understood.


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