Mexican Mafia Gang Member Sentenced for Meth Trafficking in San Diego

At his hearing Hernandez admitted to distributing on average 30-40 pounds of meth per month in San Diego. At the time of his arrest $150,000 in cash was found in his home.

Silvano Hernandez, Jr., a Mexican Mafia gang member from San Diego, was sentenced today to serve 210 months (17.5 years) after Hernandez plead guilty to conspiracy to participate in a racketeering operation.

Hernandez was one of 36 individuals arrested last year as part of Operation Carnalismo, an investigation that targeted the Mexican Mafia’s criminal activity.

The Mexican Mafia is described as a notorious, violent prison gang that controls and benefits from a large portion of the criminal activity committed by Southern California Hispanic street-gang members. The largest source of revenue for the Mexican Mafia is from drug trafficking, however, in order to maintain their territory gang members have committed murders, kidnappings, and extortion.


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