What ‘CPAC’ really stands for by John Rocker

Amnesty is suicide for the Republican Party, and those in power of the RNC, GOP and CPAC want to be sure it’s an assisted suicide.

For most hardworking Americans who faithfully vote Republican every election cycle, the GOP-Beltway establishment Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an event they don’t pay attention to at all.

Held annually in Washington, D.C., CPAC is the ultimate gathering of Republican officeholders from across the nation and the various grass-roots organizations, think tanks and conservative nonprofits – all conspiring to restore the luster to the republic of the United States.

Again, most hardworking Americans who show up dutifully to the polls without any “outreach” efforts from the GOP or any real guaranteed return on their investment for voting Republican don’t care about what transpires at CPAC – but they should.

At the 2013 CPAC meeting, the national GOP decided to completely abandon those stalwart Republican voters who only ask that their elected representatives defend the Constitution and instead sought a new group of currently ineligible voters to court: illegal immigrants and their soon-to-be legal progeny.


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