BBC Capitulates Totally to Political Correctness

The total capitulation of the BBC to the madness of Political Correctness should be seen as a very serious matter and cause for concern, not just because it contravenes the BBC Charter obligation to “Entertain, Educate and Inform” but because it creates an entirely false view of Britain and British society.

As Anthony Browne puts it in his excellent book “The Retreat of Reason” – political correctness and the corruption of public debate in modern Britain:

“In the topsy-turvy politically correct world, truth comes in two forms: the politically correct, and the factually correct.

The politically correct truth is publicly proclaimed correct by politicians, celebrities and the BBC even if it is wrong, while the factually correct truth is publicly condemned as wrong even when it is right.

Factually correct truths suffer the disadvantage that they don’t have to be shown to be wrong, merely stated that they are politically incorrect” [and ignored].

The three main areas which have to be guarded by the PC inspectors at the BBC are concerned with “the unholy trinity” – “Racism”, “Sexism” and “Homophobia” (and there’s a new one ready for inclusion – “Islamophobia”).

The most common and irritating habit of BBC staff is to give “half a story” when reporting on crime, specifically failing to report the ethnicity of criminals in news bulletins.

The BBC reported that during the recent Vicky Pryce trial the jury was sacked by the judge because they were incapable of understanding what was happening and being said.

It was only by chance a few days later I discovered the jury contained ten non white members out of a total of 12. For completeness this politically incorrect fact should have been included.


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