Communism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Democratic Hegemonists, Crony Capitalism, Ethnic Agendas, Treason Etc.

For example, Cultural Marxists are currently using the arrival of immigrants and their “cultures” to suppress the inculcation of American patriotism in public schools.

A number of “Hispanic Republicans” a.k.a. professional ethnics/ Treason Lobby shills recently launched what is obviously an orchestrated guilt-by-association smear of CIS, FAIR, NumbersUSA and immigration patriots in general on the grounds that that they are all secretly eugenicists, pro-abortion, “nativists” etc. etc.

Mario H. Lopez

Mario H. Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, invoked the ghosts of Thomas Malthus, Paul Ehrlich, Sir Francis Galton, and Margaret Sanger to smear FAIR’s Dan Stein, columnist Donald A. Collins, and Dr. John Tanton—a real-life immigration patriot hero whom Editor Peter Brimelow described in Alien Nation ., echoing Robert E. Lee, as “a citizen who has taken up arms for his country.” [Hijacking Immigration?, Human Life Review, Fall 2012]

Linda Chavez echo-chambered Lopez in in her Creators Syndicate column, saying that immigration patriots, because of these fantasized associations with “pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia and assisted suicide” ideas, constitute Strange Bedfellows For Conservatives. In the New York Post this became the Anti-immigration lobby’s ugly roots. [February 8, 2013].

Ms. Chavez, a former member of the Young People’s Socialist League, is at best a neoconservative but she gets to lay down the law.

Bob Quasius the white guy at “Café Con Leche Republicans” is attacking Ann Coulter with many references to dead nativists, and makes a drive-by attack on Charles Murray, who is allegedly “hardly a credible source on demographics” because of the familiar accusations of racism which are (a) unfounded, and (b) irrelevant to credibility since Murray doesn’t just assert demographic facts, but always provides data.

Of course, this is an old, tired argument for Conservatism Inc. immigration enthusiasts—for our Washington Watcher’s documentation and debunking, see here. Even National Review’s immigration beards have been induced to whimper—see Krikorian and O’Sullivan here and here.


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