Marc Ambinder: ‘White House Threatens Reporters A Lot’

The ObamaMedia really needs to get its talking points together. Though Woodward never claimed he’d been threatened, Obama’s dishonest media minions are pushing back as though he said he was. Now we have The Week’s Marc Ambinder trying a new tactic. Ambinder claims the White House threatens journalists all the time… but that it’s not a big deal.

Bob Woodward

The White House threatens reporters. A lot. It is sort of a humblebrag to say that people with titles as lofty as “Assistant to the President” and with titles as lowly as “deputy press secretary” have used the F-word in conversations with me. Both White House officials and journalists tend to be arrogant and self-referential, and there is a lot of healthy and sometimes unhealthy tension on the job. We yell at each other, and we butt heads, and we live to work another day.

Threats about cutting off access are fairly routine.

Just not if you’re Bob Woodward and used to deference.

So even though Woodward didn’t claim he had been threatened, but that he was only made “uncomfortable,” the next wave of the attacks on Woodward from his media colleagues is that his reporting of what happened makes him some kind of crybaby prima donna.


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