Teachers Union Endorses Racist Council Candidate

Of the 12 candidates seeking the L.A. council position, Gochez represents the type of person the city’s teachers union apparently believes most closely holds its views.

A Los Angeles teacher with close ties to the openly racist African People’s Socialist Party received the recommendation of United Teachers Los Angeles in his pursuit of a city council seat.

Ron Gochez himself has been known to disparage both America and various races in his own personal commentary. For instance, he infamously called for a Mexican Revolution in the U.S. while speaking at a La Raza rally several years ago and penned a blatantly anti-semitic letter to the editor prior to that incident.

His association with the APSP, though, is even more telling.

The group is so far to the left of the mainstream, even progressive icons Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson are too conservative.

One political organization, California Political News, compiled a list of the reprehensible statements made by the group and its members.

While some of the comments are so vulgar that any editing on my part would render them incomprehensible, I will list a few of the tamer examples to illustrate the larger point.

For a trip to North Carolina during which “he went and worked with those honkies down there,” one APSP source considers Jackson an “old Uncle Tom [expletive deleted].”


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