Meet the Rand Paul Super PAC Founder Who Wants to Purge Neoconservatives

“The statists, do-gooders, planners, and neoconservatives have moved the political spectrum so far to the left that many of the Republicans of today would have been considered Democrats 50-60 years ago, especially considering fiscal matters such as the bailouts.” Anthony Astolfi, leader of Human Action

Anthony Astolfi, pictured with Ron Paul

The 2016 election cycle may be years away, and the Republican party may still be reeling from the aftershocks of 2012, but some of Rand Paul’s supporters aren’t waiting any longer to press their case for his presidential candidacy.

Even though Paul hasn’t officially declared his intention to run for president, and won’t for at least a year, a fledgling pro-Rand Paul super PAC is aggressively pushing for the Kentucky senator to lead a revolution within the GOP, calling for the expulsion of what they call “statists, do-gooders, planners, and neoconservatives.”

This new super PAC, called Human Action PAC, describes its mission in the starkest possible terms:

It is an open secret that those in the establishment have no loyalty to the scolds, the bigots, the defenders of the gerontocracy and the people for whom “big government for me, but not for thee” is a rallying cry. In fact, their leaders seem to acknowledge, deep down, that those people are killing the Republican party.

To those leaders looking for a way to excise that cancer, we offer a candidate who can purge those people’s ideas while still holding onto the mantle of principle.


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