The race to the bottom is complete

In America it became your skin color – not your intelligence, abilities, determination or work ethic – that determined your success. With dwindling educational standards for graduates, the professions were forced to lower their standards as well. The rest of the culture followed.

There is no denying that America has a lot of problems. We spend a lot of time arguing about what they are, who caused them and how to fix them.

Politicians (Republicans and Democrats) and journalists (the real ones, who graduated from communist universities with a propaganda journalism degree) love this. Among the reasons are job security and self-importance.

You can tell this when you call politicians’ offices with your concerns. “Oh no, the (fill in the blank) doesn’t have time to meet with you. He’s busy solving our national problems!”

Ms. Politician does have time, however, to meet with reporters to discuss her latest efforts at solving our national problems. And heaven help you should you be standing between Mr. Politician and a television camera!

You would think with all this brainpower, we wouldn’t have so many problems. Perhaps this is because there are really two kinds of problems: small-p problems, and Big-P Problems.

Focusing on small-p problems is good for a political or media career. It’s not so good for the nation. Small-p problems are like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Every time you think you’ve fixed one, two spring up in its place. The end result is job security for the political class, bureaucratic growth for the government and advertising revenue for the media.

Here is the dirty little secret about the small-p problems government is so concerned with solving. Small-p problems don’t exist. They are only flotsam in the wake of Big-P Problems that pass unseen in the night.


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