Holder Flack, DOJ Spokeswoman Resigns from DOJ

Tracy Schmaler, Attorney General Eric Holder’s top press defender, will resign her position on March 8. This reporter recently caught Schmaler colluding with far leftwing advocacy organization Media Matters for America to attack the reputations of whistleblowers, members of Congress, and people in the new media.

People who were targets of the collusion between Department of Justice press aide Schmaler and far leftwing advocacy organizations called for her resignation in September 2012, when evidence of her activity emerged. Now, they are getting their wish.

Emails uncovered last year show Schmaler worked with Media Matters to smear people trying to uncover details about Justice Department scandals. As far back as 2010, Schmaler worked with the George Soros-funded media hit squad to attempt to defame whistleblowers from the New Black Panther Party scandal with regard alleged voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place on election day in 2008.

Schmaler worked with Media Matters’ Jeremy Holden to smear former DOJ Civil Rights division attorneys J. Christian Adams and Hans Von Spakovsky in 2010. She also worked to smear now-former Civil Rights division attorney Christopher Coates, who was an active employee of the Department of Justice at the time.

In 2011, Schmaler took over as Holder’s top press aide when Matt Miller left the DOJ. (Miller has since been hired by embattled New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez). When she took over, the scandal surrounding Operation Fast and Furious began heating up.


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