Amnesty: Turning U.S. into California by John Rocker

So the 1986 amnesty basically worked to dispossess one group of Californians, the same people who had worked to create much of the ideological blueprints for the Reagan Revolution, and instead created a one-party leftist state that high-income earners like golfer Phil Mickelson are seeking escape.

John Rocker

America is not a “policy” – and while we are a nation founded on a set of ideals, a nation we must remain in some real sense of the word.??

America has to make sense, it has to have a unifying theme, and it has to have a population that can handle the responsibilities that accompany living in a “free” nation.

Which brings us to the debate over President Obama’s attempt to implement amnesty for who-knows-how-many illegal aliens in America.

Why do some supposed conservatives support amnesty???

Maybe Marco Rubio thinks it will help him break the vaunted 40 percent mark with Hispanics and propel him to the Oval Office in 2016.?

?Perhaps John Boehner and the GOP elites want to push through the issue so they can worry about important things like media respectability and getting the best spray tan deal off Groupon.??

While Beltway wonks, establishment hacks and political opportunists will cite every study to show how immigrants are the natural ally to conservatives, they’ll blatantly ignore the cold harsh reality set before them: If the polls are to be believed, young immigrants who have assimilated are even more likely than their parents to support big government, abortion and gay marriage.?


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