‘Hercules’ Actor Kevin Sorbo Bashes Hollywood’s Liberal Hypocrisy and Rips Obama

“Hollywood screams tolerance, but they’re the least tolerant people you’ll ever meet in your life. The hypocrisy just reeks in this town. Why can’t we all have a point of view?” actor Kevin Sorbo asked.

Three-time stroke survivor, actor and author Kevin Sorbo delivers the keynote “True Strength” at the National Stroke Association 2012 RAISE Awards on Friday Oct. 19, 2012, in Denver.

Kevin Sorbo has had a fascinating and successful entertainment career. Perhaps best known for his lead television role in ”Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” the actor has also been in a multitude of feature films, including “Soul Surfer” and “Prairie Fever,” among others. TheBlaze spoke with Sorbo this week to discuss his new movie, “Abel’s Field,” and to get his perspective on faith and the current political climate in America.

A unique individual, especially when juxtaposed against others in Hollywood, Sorbo is a Christian and, on the political front, he’s independently-minded. Rather than subscribing to Tinseltown’s leftist slant, his sociopolitical views are middle-of-the-road. Both of these attributes are rare in an industry that pushes Democratic politics, while embracing and touting less-than-conservative theological views.

When TheBlaze asked about his faith, Sorbo was candid, saying that he’s considered himself a Christian all of his life. He was brought up going to church and recalled being in middle school when he truly understood the Bible’s message.

“We’re not perfect — I’ve gone through trials and errors,” he said, claiming that his faith has experienced both ”ebbs and flows.”

Considering Hollywood’s ideological slant, we asked Sorbo if it is difficult to be a believer there. His answer was intriguing, as the actor explained, in detail, the challenges he regularly faces. To begin, unlike other entertainers, despite a busy career, Sorbo doesn’t really consider himself a part of Hollywood.

“I kind of removed myself from Hollywood a long time ago. I’m not really good about going out to schmoozing fests,” he said. “It’s such a phony atmosphere. It’s hard to make true friends.”


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