Ann Coulter: Universal Background Checks Could Lead to ‘Universal Confiscation, Universal Extermination’ of Firearms

“This is a lie they are telling you in order to prevent Americans from self-defense, from protecting themselves so that only the government has a monopoly on guns,” she said of other claims against guns being perpetuated in media.

Commentator Ann Coulter appeared on “Hannity” last night, issuing a dire warning to the American people about universal background checks, a provision currently being touted by gun control advocates. Rather than embracing the proposal, Coulter warned that it could lead to “universal confiscation” and, ultimately, “universal extermination” of firearms.

After speaking briefly with host Sean Hannity about the much-discussed photograph of President Barack Obama skeet shooting, the columnist noted that the president misses the point on the Second Amendment (i.e. the purpose of the constitutional right isn’t so citizens can go skeet shooting; it allows Americans to protect themselves).

“I’m waiting for photos of him taking birth control pills to show him fighting the war on women,” Coulter quipped.

On the gun control front, she gave a passionate speech about how the real problem is mental illness, accusing the left of skirting that issue and embracing firearms control measures that may do little to actually solve the problem. Of particular note, she focused upon universal background checks, launching into claims that implementing them would be potentially-dangerous for Second Amendment rights. Here’s what she said:

“The problem with universal background checks is, we basically have universal background checks now. Any licensed gun dealer is performing a background check. The buyer may not know, someone at a gun show may not know, but if you’re walking through a gun show, everybody’s doing background checks. The only people who are not subjected to a background checks are collectors giving guns to their sons or they’re selling one to their brother-in-law or something. The only way to enforce universal — the last .1 percent of guns that are transferred by collectors and so on — is to have universal gun registration.”


Video and complete text linked here.

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