‘Superman’ Dean Cain: ‘I’m Keeping My Guns’

Actor Dean Cain of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman fame could easily tout the celebrity line when it comes to gun control.

After all, most of Cain’s peers have come out firmly in favor or more gun control measures, despite the fact that regions with punishing gun control legislation already on the books often suffer from just as much gun violence, if not more.

Cue the Windy City for Exhibit A.

Cain isn’t ready to give up his firearms just yet, though.

He responded via Twitter to fellow actor Rob Lowe’s recent comments that the public isn’t really interested in what positions celebrities take on the issues of the day.

@NoelSheppard I appreciate @Roblowe ‘s view, and applaud and respect him. And…I’m keeping my guns. 😉

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