Welfare chief resigned after report of widespread waste

47,000 Massachusetts families receiving benefits are unaccounted for, and nearly 30 million in food stamp money went to ineligible recipients. The welfare department also admitted to overpaying federal food stamp recipients by almost $28 million since 2010.

Former Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance Commissioner Daniel Curley

The chief of the Massachusetts’ welfare system resigned after a report showed millions of dollars were distributed to people not eligible for benefits .

Millions of your taxpayer dollars have been going into the pockets of people who might not need it. Department of Transitional Assistance Commissioner Daniel Curley resigned Thursday after the welfare system’s widespread waste was revealed.

The scandal has angered some taxpayers.

“We don’t know where our money is going, and people work really hard for their paychecks to have all that money taken out and going to people who don’t even need it,” said Kerry O’Dea of Westfield.


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