VW Super Bowl spot is ‘racist,’ say politically correct critics

On yesterday’s Today Show, MediaPost editor-at-large Barbara Lippert complained that the spot was guilty of “just saying ‘Black people are happy.’ Didn’t anyone look at this? This is so racist.”

A latter-day Jar Jar Binks?

Last year, it was Darth Vader. This year, politically correct critics claim, it’s Jar Jar Binks.

No sooner did Volkswagen release its $7.8 million (air time only), 60-second Super Bowl commercial on YouTube than self-appointed critics started slamming it as “racist.”

The commercial’s premise is that driving a Beetle makes you so happy, it turns you into a laid-back Rasta, complete with Jamaican accent.

‘No worries, mon’

Its lead character, a white-bread office worker originally from Minnesota, goes around telling colleagues things like “No worries, mon, ever’t’ing will be awright,” “Julia, turn dat frown de udder way ‘roun,” and “Don’t be no cloud on a sunny day.” And that was enough to provoke an overnight firestorm of political correctness.


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