Marine Le Pen: Any anti-Islamist seen as racist in France

The Innocence of Muslims video, Prophet Muhammad cartoons and the threat of anti-Muslim protests in France triggered much media ado about the French domestic policy. The National Front leader Marine Le Pen told the Voice of Russia about radical Islam in France and related issues in her exclusive interview.

While the government is looking for politically correct words to pacify the situation, Marine Le Pen is not that picky.

Recently, French security services eliminated an extremist group in one of the largest operations in the past few years. Is it a sign of radical Islamists getting stronger or police concealing the problem for a long time?

Fundamentalism in France began to raise its head not just recently but politicians preferred to turn a blind eye to the problem and when I tried to talk about it I was turned down and despised. Islamic fundamentalism grew on a fruitful soil of mass migration of Muslims and their endless demands fulfilled both by the leftists and the rightist government. Thus, I wasn’t surprised when this extremist faction was revealed.

You see the reason in immigrants but the arrested were French citizens?

Yes, one of them was. But, obviously, radical Islam in France didn’t appear out of nowhere. The government and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France let preachers of radical Islam into the country every year, everybody knows that. However, after the case of Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah, I made the government ban entry for those preachers.


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