#WAR — The Media Is Everything

Andrew Breitbart is, and always will be irreplaceable. But he left behind a legacy that continues to inspire, and a road map for anybody willing to seek out the truth. In honor of Andrew, we are proud to present a brand new weekly feature entitled #WAR, where we will choose a video that reminds us all of the unique and powerful way in which he chose to fight for all that he believed, in an effort to level the playing field such that more voices could be heard.

Andrew was a chess player…although I never saw him play the game. But he was a chess player. He could identify why an opponent moved a certain way and where they would move next. He could do this because he was looking for the big picture, and more to the point, he could see that picture like nobody else in the conservative movement. And when he saw it, he waved his arms in the air and shouted look over here…look over here…look over here. He enjoyed the game partially because it was fun, but mainly because he knew that victory in the game he chose to play could only take one form…fairness.

He wanted things to be fair. He wanted the playing field to be level. He wanted to win.

Many remember Andrew inspiring thousands at rallies with passionately theatrical speeches. But there was another side to him by which he delivered his message more quietly, and strangely enough, it had the same impact and invoked the same concept:


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