The Labour Party Conference in Manchester and Communism

The Labour Party Conference takes place this week, in Manchester and the disguised Communists will make further plans to continue to destroy Britain. But, it’s not just the Labour Party that is dominated by Communists, because the Liberal and Conservative parties are too!

The Miliband’s father Adolphe, was a very prominent Polish Marxist. He came to Britain in 1940 and was ostensibly impoverished, but, his connections in the Marxist banking sector ensured that he would rise to prominence and his two sons were destined to lead the Labour Party – whether they were ‘electable’ or not!

David Cameron is a former public school boy, Bullingdon Club member and the great grandson of the Levita-Ree banking family, who came to Britain from Germany in 1871, and are related to the Rothschild family, as is his colleague, George Osborne.

Nick Clegg had a similar background and his first job was on a Communist Magazine in New York.

After that he was employed by the Communist led European Union, and for much of this time he was what some people have termed, an Economic Hit Man (EHM) whose job it was to bribe the leaders of countries in the Caucuses, to support the EU and sign-up to central banking systems, which would envelop their countries in debt.

When Gordon Brown stood for election to Parliament, for the Labour Party, he was financed by the Communist Party of Scotland! Why do we have to ferret out this information, which should be exposed by the newspapers?


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