Pigford II: Politically Correct Wealth Redistribution Infects Obama’s USDA

There exists so little evidence of systemic discrimination that courts have repeatedly denied women and Hispanic claimants ‘class action’ status. Moreover, no record exists of anyone being reprimanded for malfeasance which will now cost taxpayers billions. As Jack Cashill asks, if bias was widespread, “the heads of loan officers should have been rolling around the USDA floors.”

Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture.

“There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government.” – Ben Franklin

Federal functionaries serving radical agendas rather than taxpayers riddle Washington. Last week came further evidence that cultural Marxism imbues the Department of Agriculture.

Orthodox Marxism fixates on the economic, revolving around class struggles. Cultural Marxism, otherwise called political correctness, incorporates social dynamics. The “privileged” class extends beyond capitalists and bourgeois to whites, men, Christians and heterosexuals. While workers are still afforded victimhood, those “alienated” by American culture also include minorities, women and even people behaving ways historically considered anti-social.

President Obama perceives society through this politically correct prism. His raison d’être rests on a post-modern variant of Marxism popular in the faculty lounge. He regularly leverages government organs to transfer wealth, power or cachets of moral authority from private to public; or, from groups previously considered oppressors to those progressives deem oppressed.

Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack, proclaiming “a new era of civil rights” launched an initiative last week aimed at Hispanic and female farmers. Says Vilsack, “President Obama and I made a commitment to mend USDA’s troubled civil rights record.” This follows the Pigford II settlement with African American farmers and the Keepseagle settlement with American Indians in 2010.


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