Future French President: “Anti-White Racism Spreading Through France”

The “anti-white racism” is manifested according to Copé “by the fact that there are areas where it is not good to be a woman, be white… some of our countrymen to flee the area where they live because they understand that they are not at home, it is unbearable,” he said.

Here we go.

Jean-François Copé, the man who wants to succeed ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of France’s main right-wing party has caused a furore with a claim that “anti-white racism” is spreading through the country’s towns and cities.

“An ‘anti-white racism’ is developing in neighbourhoods of our towns where individuals – some of whom have French nationality – express contempt for French people, calling them ‘Gaulois’, on the basis that they are not of the same religion, the same skin colour or the same origins as them,” he writes.

Claiming that he is “breaking a taboo”, Copé adds that “this racism is as unacceptable as every other form of racism – we must denounce it as we condemn all other forms of discrimination”.

“Copé can’t make his mind up whether to be the spitting image of Sarkozy or the parrot of Marine Le Pen,” tweeted the newly appointed leader of the Socialist Party, Harlem Désir, who started his political career at the head of the anti-racism campaign SOS-racisme.

Who’s Harlem Désir? Well he’s as French as burning cars and hip-hop. Also he served 18 months in prison for fraud related to an immigrants rights group he was with.


Complete text linked here.

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