Denial is Now National Suicide

Now that the fraudulent “Arab Spring” has turned into openly whipped up rage and hatred against America and the West, our liberals are still in denial. Their power, their privileges, their huge vanity is at stake.

It is time for America to stop its suicidal denial.

It is time to open our eyes, and to tell our friends to stop it. Now. Before the most important election of our lives.

The New York Times now says that the President of the United States is avoiding intelligence briefings. He is emotionally incapable of handling the bad news. Denial.

If your friends vote suicidally in November it may be too late. Tell them to stop their nonsense. They are almost ready to get it. Talk with them. I will talk with my friends.

A hundred million conservatives in America can tell the truth without fear. Speak out. Free speech is not just a Constitutional right. Sometimes it’s a duty.

America needs a major course correction because we are in profound danger, the greatest danger since the rise of a nuclear-armed Soviet Union under Stalin around 1950. Americans and Europeans were in denial. They did not want to face a possible World War. Stalinist Communists had penetrated the media and the universities starting decades earlier. Then atomic weapons exploded and ordinary people dropped their blinders. They were realists.


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