Vice Panderer-In-Chief: Hispanics Are ‘The Most Powerful Force In American Politics’

Of course Hispanics are one of many “powerful forces in American politics,” Joe; why else would you, O and the rest of your party placate them as you do? Hey – I gotta hand it to you guys; you’re damn good at it. Although, you should be good at it – you’ve had a hell of a lot of practice: Democrats have been pandering to blacks for more than 50 years.

Nobody on the planet panders like Democrats

Seriously, at least the Democrats’ crazy uncle had the cojones (aptly chosen descriptive, don’t you think?) to admit it. Other than Muslims, there is no group on the planet the O Regime has patronized more than Hispanics.

Activate your best gag-reflex technique as you read the Regime’s latest pathetic suck-up line to Latino voters:

“I’m here to say thank you, and to tell you how much this great country owes you and how much more can be done with the infusion of new blood, of new ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to become, and already have, the most powerful force in American politics. Exercise that power well, and the country will embrace you.”

Notice how he slipped and first said “about to become” – then quickly changed it to “already have”? Let’s dissect the rest of this ridiculous statement:

“How much this great country owes you“? I’m fully aware that O has bastardized JFK’s famous inaugural quote to now read, “Ask not what you can do for your country – but what your country can do for you”, but c’mon, Joe – what about how much Hispanics owe America? We allow them to sneak across our border, your boss suspends federal law and allows them to remain here, they take jobs from Americans, and we owe them? Are you nuts? (Never mind – that’s beside the point.) Listen – I know you’re pandering for votes, but this particular bit of disingenuous hyperbole was not only over the top – even by O’s standards – it was downright embarrassing.


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