Website of the Week: Dead Malls is an endeavor designed to promote the history of the malls as well as their nature, whether thriving or declining, and the impact of time and competition on these establishments.

Welcome to Retail History!

Retail historians, Peter Blackbird and Brian Florence decided to take Pete’s hobby and make it visible to the Internet.

Fascinated by the ever-changing face of retail, Pete has researched and learned as much as he could about the many facets of the retail industry. Having himself worked for Hills department stores during their transition into Ames, along with Brian who worked at a Caldor, as well as other various retail-oriented contacts, they find themselves captivated by the current trends in the retail industry, and have seen first-hand the demise of many of these great giants of retail.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we have been able to compile information from people all over the web, contributing invaluable information to our cause!


Dead Malls website.

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