Mexican teenage hitman, 16, arrested after ‘killing at least 50 people’ for drug cartel

The 16-year-old, one of whose nicknames was ‘El Nino’ or ‘The Boy,’ said he was given an AK-47 rifle and a pistol to carry out the various attacks in Sinaloa, a violent coastal state with a long tradition of drug trafficking.

Arrests: Suspected members of the Sinaloa cartel are lined up by Mexican federal police, while an arrest was made this week of a 16-year-old said to be a hitman for a similar group

A 16-year-old has been arrested in Mexico as an accused hitman responsible for at least 50 murders with a drug gang, prosecutors said on Thursday.

The teenager, identified as Francisco Miguel N., was part of a gang known as Los Mazatlecos, a criminal group attached to the Beltran Leyva drugs cartel, according to a spokesman for prosecutors in the northeastern state of Sinaloa.

Police arrested the teen for carrying a loaded gun and drugs but he later confessed to working as a hitman for the group, local prosecutors said in a statement.

The teenager said he had taken part in executions of police, farmers and even a musician since February.


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