White Officers Cleared In Tyler Perry Profiling Case

Last February, Tyler Perry was pulled over for making an illegal left turn. The director, however, claimed that he was the victim of racial profiling. An internal investigation into the matter, however, cleared the two white officers of any charges.

Perry described the incident earlier this year on Facebook. Perry said that he made an illegal left turn out of his studio to make sure that he wasn’t being followed. CNN reports that the director was pulled over a few minutes later by two white Atlanta police officers. Perry said that the officers were aggressive and hostile as they questioned him.

Perry wrote on Facebook:

“It was so hostile. I was so confused. It was happening so fast that I could see how this situation could easily get out of hand very quickly. I didn’t feel safe at all.”

After the investigation, however, an internal affairs officer said that both officers were cleared because “the evidence shows the actions of both officers with the regard to the traffic stop of Mr. Perry were justified, lawful and proper.”

One of the officers said:

“He was not stopped because he was black. He was not stopped because he was racially profiled. His vehicle had dark tinted windows.”


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