Barack Obama – Triumph of Multiculturalism

A casual look at Africa should suffice to disabuse one of the notion of multiculturalism; most African nations are hell-holes, and their problems are because they are artificial constructs with different tribes forced into a political union. It is why Iraq was so difficult to rebuild, why Afghanistan is still a hot war zone.

When I was in college (back in the mid ’80’s) the catch phrase was “multiculturalism” and it was heavily promoted by the humanities and social science departments at the university (Saint Louis University). I hadn’t really given the subject much thought until I was forced to write a paper on cultural diversity for an anthropology class I was taking (run by a truly radical Greek woman). This particular professor was fanatical on the subject. I outsmarted her; my paper – and oral presentation – was a work I had written for a Russian history class, and it got me an A with no work. I was careful to avoid giving my true opinion of multiculturalism.

I was shocked when I learned exactly what was meant by multiculturalism. I had naively assumed (I was still in my teens, after all) that this simply meant celebrating other cultures and being open to them r- like wearing a “kiss me I’m Irish” button on St. Patrick’s Day and drinking green beer. What the Progressives meant by multiculturalism was something quite different.

They meant the creation of completely independent cultures inside of one nation.

These crazy liberals actually believed that a country could and should exist with two or more nations coexisting inside the same space. Like the Balkans. It was their notion that America could stop being a melting pot and become a salad, with a whole bunch of different, diverse groups existing as they saw fit. They wanted to turn America from a nation into an EMPIRE. History had taught these fools nothing.


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