56.7% of London Births are to Foreign born Mothers but the Truth is far worse

With the release of shocking statistics from the Government which show that 56.7% of births last year in our capital city were to foreign born women, the whole sordid truth of the invasion of Britain through mass immigration has been cunningly hidden from the indigenous British people by the political parties responsible.

The statistics were reported by the MSM with a deliberately misleading emphasis on so-called Health Tourists which gives their naive readers the impression that many of these births are to foreign women who came here to take advantage of free health care and who might possibly return to their home countries after the birth.

The absurdity of this idea is exposed by the league table listings showing the Third World countries of origin of many of these mothers and the extremely unlikely scenario of them ever returning home becomes more than obvious.

Their British government assisted abuse of our welfare state services merely begins with the birth of their children, the possibility of them ever returning to Third World countries with no welfare services when the birth of a child in Britain presents them with a virtual never-ending smorgasbord of tax-payer funded benefits for them and their offspring is remote.

While stirring fury in their readers at this apparent abuse of British tax-payer provided Welfare State services by alleged health tourists, the MSM attempts to mask the true levels of the continuing mass immigration scandal by its suggestion that many of the births in Britain to foreign born mothers are from this source instead of from the continued importation of the Third World through mass immigration.


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