Emma West – A Victim of the Multicultural Judicial System

Emma West goes on trial today – the 5th September 2012. Emma West will almost certainly be jailed for the crime of being drunk, speaking ill of racial minorities and swearing – according to the CPS this constitutes two counts of “Racially Aggravated Public Order Offenses” a very serious offence carrying a maximum penalty of imprisonment.

This, after she was taken into “Protective Custody” before Christmas for her own safety and was remanded in custody.

She was then up in court on the 17th November and a trial date set for June. 11th.

This was postponed until September 5th for ‘reports’. She pleaded not guilty.

The delay suggests they are trying to wear Emma West down by extending the wait so that she will eventually plead guilty.

The authorities are terrified of a full trial following a not guilty plea. The reason given for the delay – yet more medical reports – is ludicrous, because they have had more than 8 months to get whatever was needed.

The only other (and related) explanation I can come up with is that the medical reports are part of an attempt to take her children away from her if she does not plead guilty and they need more time to prepare social service reports.

The CPS know they have a weak case – none of the tram passengers made any official complaint to two transport police who where at the tram stop.

Fearing they are probably going to lose this case, one option might be to have her declared mentally unfit for trial, Emma has a 4 year old son and had taken a double dose of medication prior to the incident.


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