Army general accused of wasteful spending in IG probe

The findings on Ward are the latest incident in a series of government scandals that have put a spotlight on financial misuse in some of Washington’s most powerful organizations.

A former four-star Army general is awaiting a final ruling on allegations that he improperly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funds, including on travel and unauthorized use of military vehicles, detailed in a report from the Defense Department’s Inspector General.

Gen. William “Kip” Ward, who was the first commander of U.S. Africa Command, is accused of lavish overspending and misuse of DOD personnel on a range of trips and items. Among the grievances: expensive hotel rooms, family and personal travel on military aircraft and in other military vehicles, improperly documented time off, acceptance of gifts from prohibited sources including Broadway tickets, and the use of aides to fetch items such as infant formula and Snickers bars.

Ward was frequently accompanied on trips by his wife Joyce, whom he said joined him because her presence was “of diplomatic and public relations benefit to the United States,” according to the report, which also stated that she on multiple occasions dispatched military staff to run her personal errands. Additionally, the findings suggested that Ward’s staff was directed to find reasons for Mrs. Ward to accompany the general on trips.


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