Crimes against Gibson guitars by Ted Nugent

Gibson settled with Fedzilla in order to keep from spending millions to defend itself against Uncle Sham who can borrow unlimited resources from China to harass American companies and individuals.

My all-American sonic-bombast weapon of choice for 50 years has been those world-class pieces of musical art, the mighty Gibson guitar. I own a stunning arsenal of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if some Fedzillastooge from Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s Department of Gunrunning Injustice will try to tell us American guitarslayers that we can only buy one fully automatic Gibson guitar a month.

Gibson guitars reportedly ran afoul of Uncle Sham’s Lacey Act, which is one of the most overreaching, bizzaro, contemptuous laws in the history of the United States.

Armed federal agents raided two Gibson guitar plants looking for allegedly illegally obtained wood from Madagascar and India. The Lacey Act permits the feds to prosecute U.S. companies who the feds believe have violated another country’s wood laws.

Essentially, it boils down to this: Gibson and other companies can legally import ebony wood from Madagascar if the wood has been “finished.” According to the Lacey Act, if the wood is imported in raw form from Madagascar or India, that is a violation.

Got that? Word has it that the same mind freaks who engineered the U.S. tax code also authored the Lacey Act. Oh, and they penned the best of the Grateful Dead songs, too.

It can’t get anymore bizzaro than this unless Fedzilla drops LSD and starts writing and passing some Cass Sunstein-inspired human-animal marriage laws.


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