Archbishop warns about the Islamification of Europe

The Mass was followed by a reception followed in the Catholic meeting hall on hill: Here Melki warned about 30 parishioners about the threat of militant Islam, which – driven by polygamy, large families and financial support from the “Oil States” – within 50 to 100 years threatened to conquer Europe.

Archbishop Joseph Flavien Melki

The guest of the Parish of the Nativity of Our Lady warned Islam can conquer Europe within fifty years – driven by polygamy and large families: the extreme views of the Archbishop of the Syrian Catholic Church also surprised City Dean Father Janssen.

The Mülheim parish of the Nativity of Our Lady had a strenuous guest on Sunday : Archbishop Joseph Flavien Melki, high representative of the Syrian Catholic Church in Lebanon, celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the parish church. Slowly the sermon, little by little translated into German , made it clear: Here is a man who divides the world harshly into Christians and Muslims. Here the vulnerable minority, where an aggressive religion, whose young representives one can best convert, in his opinion.

In Beirut Melki has founded the “Home of Hope”, a kind of Christian boarding school, which presently contains 30 children and where they are cared for, including eight from Muslim families, said the Archbishop. With their door collection, Mülheim churchgoers have donated to this project.

Melki undertakes an annual pastoral visit by European countries. He is always Invited and accompanied as his interpreter by a private citizen: Hellmuth Dieken, globally active mural artist and also by representatives of the small Catholic Apostolic Community of theUnited Hearts of Jesus and Mary Dieken lives in Waldbröl, his sister in Speldorf. Thus the contact was made with the Parish of the Nativity of the Our Lady, according to Deacon Martin Bader.


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