‘I am entitled to live in a house like this’: Jobless mother-of-7 insists her family ‘deserve’ £1.25M taxpayer-funded home

Manal Mahmoud moved into the Fulham address following a £76,000 refit. ‘I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits,’ she said. Council says the family’s behaviour has been ‘appalling’ and it must improve. Claims doors are missing, wallpaper has been ripped off, driveway tiles have been smashed and furniture has been left strewn in the garden.

Eviction? Manal Mahmoud moved into this upmarket Fulham address following a £76,000 refit – half of which was paid for by public money – almost three years ago but there are claims it has been ‘trashed’ by the family

An unemployed refugee on benefits who has allegedly wrecked her £1.25million townhouse paid for by the taxpayer says she is ‘entitled’ to live there.

Mother-of-seven Manal Mahmoud moved into the upmarket Fulham address almost three years ago, but have since been branded the ‘family from hell’.

‘I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits. I deserve this house because I am human. In this country, it is our right to live here. It is important for my kids to have space to play,’ she said.

But now she could face eviction after the landlord of the three-bedroom property, Sue Cummings, apparently found the home had been ‘trashed’.

Mrs Mahmoud, who is in her late 40s, moved to the UK 12 years ago to escape fighting and political problems in her native Palestine.

But since she’s settled in west London neighbours say the family were antisocial. Complaints have
also been made about them to the council and police.

Angry: One of Mrs Mahmoud’s sons came out of the house this morning and swore at photographers outside


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