Diversity in Hard Times: Violence Heats Up over Immigration in Greece

The tribal violence is regrettable, but predictable. The Greeks are acting like typical humans, hard-wired to protect their group’s interests.

Are diversity and one-worlderism worth social breakdown and civil war? Greece is asking that question, and its officials seem to take the danger of civil turmoil seriously, as evidenced by their round-up of illegal aliens recently, although massive deportations have not yet been seen.

In fact, the New York Times reported (As Greece Rounds Up Migrants, Official Says ‘Invasion’ Imperils National Stability, Aug 6), Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias declared, “Our social fabric is at risk of unraveling… The immigration problem is perhaps even greater than the financial one.”

According to most of the media, Greece’s misery and unrest is completely due to its economic situation, which is certainly very bad. But not everyone agrees with that characterization, clearly, when an official calls the unwanted influx the nation’s “greatest invasion ever.” Greece is the on-ramp of Europe, where illegals find it easy to enter Europe from Africa and Asia. It’s estimated that 10 percent of residents are illegal aliens, and many are young men of employable age — that’s rough in a country where the most recent unemployment rate was 23.1 percent (May). More than half of young people under 25 are jobless — 54.9 percent.

The most recent violence has been a firebombing of the office of the Golden Dawn, a political party which calls for tough immigration enforcement and a pro-Greek agenda. The attack followed a murder of an Iraqi in Athens which was called a racist act.


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