Progressive Community Organizers Destroy Historic Park in San Diego (Video)

This is a microcosm of the entire progressive lack of vision. Add it to Detroit, Chicago and everywhere progressives gain power. They are simply not concerned with consequences, only “me.”

Once again the progressives have shown their disrespect for society. A historic lily pond in San Diego’s Balboa Park was damaged and will cost thousands to fix. The lily pads and the fish living in the pond may die. Those responsible for the damage face felony vandalism.

A “Midnight Water Gun Fight” event destroyed the pond as hundreds of people used the water as ammunition to squirt. The event was community organized by LGBT activist Ken St. Pierre and promoted by the San Diego progressive gay and lesbian community, and others. This is the second annual event according to the San Diego Reader. Police are looking for the organizers.

San Diego 10 News reported the following about the event:

But this group did more than squirt water at each other. They jumped into the lily pond.

Someone broke off a drainage pipe causing the pond to go nearly dry. A 10News viewer says more than three feet of water has been removed from the lily pond located in front of the Botanical Building in Balboa Park.


Complete text linked here.

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