Sheriff Joe Raids GNC Nutrition: 21 Illegals Using Stolen IDs (Including Those of Dead Americans)

“Illegal aliens are stealing identities of U.S. citizens to gain employment which escalates our unemployment problems. I don’t believe we should tolerate this. Furthermore, I will continue to enforce all federal and state illegal immigration laws in the business sector through human smuggling and crime suppression operations, despite activists and the federal government who may not like it.” ~ Sheriff.Joe Arpaio

He’s known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. But Joe Arpaio continues to show he deserves the moniker of “America’s JOBS Sheriff”. Because every time Sheriff Joe conducts a raid, he frees up jobs for legal American workers.

Yesterday was no exception, as Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies raided the large General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) distribution warehouse in Phoenix. GNC is the dominant retailer of nutritional supplements in the U.S., with stores across the country.

MCSO’s Jeff Sprong says the vitamin distribution business employed as many as 21 suspects using false identifications to secure employment. Two suspects were using social security numbers belonging to dead persons, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

About 30 MCSO deputies are involved in the operation. Arpaio says five people were arrested. One person was hiding in a women’s bathroom, while another tried to hide under some type of equipment. Someone familiar with the business tipped off the Sheriff’s office last year about illegal immigrants using fake IDs.

“This is a big, big operation..over 1,100 stores on the west coast and Alaska and Hawaii..we’re not done yet. We have five in custody and will continue to look for the rest,” Arpaio said.


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