Near-Bankrupt California Awards Hollywood $100M In Corporate Welfare

Too many pigs at the trough and too many politicians benefiting from those pigs. And Hollywood is one of the biggest, fattest, and most hypocritical pigs of them all.

Remember folks, trickle-down economics only works in the entertainment business.

Remember folks, tax cuts for the rich are evil, unless they go to rich people in Hollywood.

Remember folks, big business is greedy and corrupt and evil — except for the big business of Hollywood.

In product, spoken word, and political endorsement, Hollywood assails itself without naming itself. Tax cuts for me but not for thee, and now taxpayers in the near-bankrupt state of California are on the hook for a cool $100 million that will feather the nest of movie stars, fat studios, and gajillioniare producers everywhere:

The California state Assembly Appropriations Committee has unanimously approved a bill extending the state’s film and television tax credit program for an additional two years, the LA Times reports. The current extension of the program that allocates $100 million yearly in credits expires next year.

This comes just two days after a left-leaning group in Louisiana complained about how the $1 billion in corporate welfare that state’s doled out to Hollywood’s 1% has benefitted no one but Hollywood’s 1%:

The left-leaning Louisiana Budget Project suggests state lawmakers should put tighter limits on the generous film tax break program, lessening the credits offered and capping the amount of money it can cost the state each year.


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