UCLA to Offer Illegal Aliens Classes at ‘National Dream University’

Former SEIU Attorney Kent D. Wong, the Director of UCLA’s Center for Labor Research and Education, announced this past week that UCLA has joined forces with the National Labor College, the academic arm of organized labor, to create a new partnership, National Dream University, which enables illegal aliens residing anywhere in the United States to earn up to 18 college credits online.

According to its website, the program is “designed to give immigrant youth the opportunity to access higher education,” and will offer them “the opportunity to learn from influential Civil Rights leaders like Reverend James Lawson and Tom Hayden, Immigrant Youth Movement leaders, and academics and scholars from across the country.”

As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, about 35 students will be accepted into the program. Applications will be accepted until October for classes that begin in January, 2013. Credits earned will be transferable to at least some other universities, including UCLA, according to the Huffington Post.

Six courses of three college credit hours each will be offered. Five will be taught at UCLA, and will cost students $65 per credit hour. One will be taught at the NCL and will cost $235 per college credit hour. Total cost for 18 credit hours is $2,400.

According to the UCLA website, California residents who enroll in UCLA for a 32 credit hour academic year pay $12, 686 in tuition, or $396 per credit hour. Non residents pay $35,564 in tuition, or $1,111.37 per credit hour.

Illegal aliens who reside in California and transfer all 18 National Dream University credit hours to UCLA will pay $4,728 less than the $7,128 legal California residents who attend UCLA currently pay for the same 18 credit hours. The subsidies to illegal aliens are even greater for those who reside outside of California. They will pay $17,604 less than the $20,004 legal US residents who are not California residents and attend UCLA currently pay for the same 18 credit hours.


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