Mexican Gunmen Torch Printing Plant

“There are parts of the country where criminal groups decide what gets published and what doesn’t,” a media expert at Mexico City’s Ibero-American University tells al-Jazeera. “They’re trying to extend the pressure.”

Photojournalists place their cameras on the floor during a demonstration to condemn attacks on the Mexican media.

Gunmen in Mexico have raided and set fire to a printing plant in the fourth attack on Monterrey-area media facilities in the space of weeks. The plant was used to print and distribute magazines, including leading news magazine Proceso, which reports extensively on the country’s drug war and has had several of its journalists murdered, reports the AP. Nobody was injured in the latest attack, and the fire was put out relatively quickly.

Over the weekend, gunmen stormed a Monterrey branch office of the newspaper El Norte and set it on fire. Experts believe the cartels are trying to silence the few remaining outlets that report on the drug war and on official corruption.


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