Race Hucksters: God Save Us from Federal Help by Fred Reed

Most whites do not want to hold blacks down. On purely selfish grounds, it is very much in the interest of whites for blacks to prosper. If all blacks shot into the middle class tomorrow, we could tax them instead of paying for welfare. We could fire three-quarters of most urban police departments. We could live in the cities.

I read, with the joy that I usually reserve for recurrent migraines, that Precedent Obama will establish an Office of African-American Education, thus furthering the racial Balkanization of the country, providing makework jobs for useless bureaucrats and, predictably, accomplishing nothing. I read also that the NAACP has filed complaint with the Department of Education against Fairfax County, Virginia, just outside of Washington, because its high school for the very bright, Thomas Jefferson High, doesn’t have enough blacks.

Probably I should give up reading.

It never ends. Charges of discrimination, demands for special privilege, endless laws, wringing of teeth and gnashing of hands, lowered standards, no positive results, and start over again.

Readers may not know this, but I suffer from a rare mental condition called “predictive clairvoyance,” that lets me read newspaper headlines from far in the future. Really. I’m serious. Psychologists know about it. This morning I channeled a story from the Beijing Times from the year 5012 (Beijing being the world capital):

“NAACP files suit against school board over test scores, citing discrimination and lingering effects of slavery.”

One Charisse Espy Glassman of the NAACP says (of the Fairfax complaint, not the Beijing, though the two are barely distinguishable) that the county needs to pour resources into the early grades, find gifted blacks and Hispanics, and funnel them into Thomas Jefferson High. It’s because, see, discrimination starts in kindergarten, blah, blah, blah.


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