Memphis Man Was Paid Three Slices For Serving As Lookout In Robbery Of Domino’s Deliveryman

In addition to the July 10 crime, Hamer also admitted to robbing a second pizza delivery person. Along with stealing a $54 pizza order, Hamer and an associate took $35 from victim Erica Northcutt (who was also relieved of her ID).

Tony Hamer

A Tennessee man who this week confessed his role in the robbery of a Domino’s delivery man told cops that he served as a lookout man in return for three slices of pizza, according to court records.

During questioning Monday by Memphis Police Department officers, Tony Hamer, 19, admitted that he was “present during the planning” of the July 10 robbery, which was carried out by a cohort.

Domino’s worker Jose Reyes told police that he was delivering a pizza around 9 PM when he was approached by two men, one of whom threatened to shoot Reyes if he did not “give him the money and pizza.” Reyes said he handed over $20, his HTC cell phone, and the pizza.

Hamer, seen in the adjacent mug shot, told investigators that he “participated as a look out and provided protection for the other male during the robbery.” Cops noted, “Hamer received three slices of Pizza for his participation in this robbery.”


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