Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Invited by Rham Emanuel to Patrol Chicago Streets

Think Farrakhan’s group of Islamic radicals are any less venomous than the ones in the middle east? Think again. According to their Fruit of Islam site their mantra describes members as “brave fighter[s] for Allah” engaged in “a unique war for the very heart and soul of a people.”

Rham Emanuel has once again proven he is a disgrace and should be removed from office at once. Just two days after attempting to ban Chic-fil-A restaurants in the city of Chicago and stating “Chic-fil-A values are not Chicago vaules,” in reference to the restaurant owners comments supporting traditional marriage, Emanuel has once again proven himself an impotent leader and a poor decision maker. Apparently Chicago values are those of THE NATION OF ISLAM.

Emanuel has taken it upon himself, in light of the fact that his city ranks #1 in murders to date in 2012, to invite Louis Farrakhan and his rag tag bunch of Allah followers, the “Nation of Islam,”who’s security division – the “Fruit of Islam” – is to come and police the city of Chicago!

The radical Islamist Farrakhan, who is world renowned for spewing messages of hate and racial intolerance, and his radical Islam group received similar contracts during the 1990?s (because crime was out of control under the leadership of yet another democrat president, sorry bill, we good!! we good!!) primarily to patrol and staff public housing complexes in slummy urban areas like Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles and received at least $20 million in the 90?s for that security work. Nation of Islam Security (fruit of islam, or of the loom, both close to an ass and filled with shit marks) had difficulty and faced opposition by some members of Congress and the Anti-Defamation League, among others. It also faced scrutiny from federal agencies for racial (NO WHITES, CRACKERS, etc) and gender preference in hiring and from the IRS for failure to withhold taxes from employees.


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