‘Fed Up’: Here’s Why Some Massachusetts Residents Are Considering Secession

Typical of the Bay State’s revolutionary spirit, Humarock taxpayers are asking for more representation at the Town Council. When a group attended a meeting of the Town’s Selectmen on July 10, they were not permitted to speak. Now they plan to write letters to town officials, as well as complaints to the State Police, the Attorney General, and Governor Deval Patrick.

Residents of Humarock, Massachusetts are so upset with their governing authorities that they are considering seceding from the town, according to reports.

The resentment seemed to boil over around the 4th of July, when residents say the authorities were out-of-control in enforcing their ban on bonfires.

“That was a full military operation… I mean hummers up and down the beach, state police helicopters, horseback, bomb squad, [and] a command post up the center,” said Fred Hayden, who owns a summer home in Humarock.

CBS continues:

During Independence Day celebrations on July 3, State Police troopers were called in to help maintain order in the mostly senior-citizen community. A 70-year-old man says they used excessive force when arresting him, leaving his arms bruised and wrists bleeding.

“Every time they talk to you it’s in a threatening fashion,” long-time resident Emory Langlolies said during Sunday’s meeting.


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