Man Convicted in Hate Crime Murder Gets 238 Years in Prison

Murder highlights long-standing racial violence by Latino street gangs. Los Angeles police figures show most of the victims of Latino gang violence were not members of gangs.

The gang-affiliated “lookout” in the 2006 hate-motivated killing of a Los Angeles teen will wait out the remaining years of his life behind bars.

Last week, a judge gave a 238-year prison sentence to Ernesto Alcarez for his part in the murder of 14-year-old Cheryl Green, an African American, and for the attempted murder of her friends, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Alcarez was also charged with a hate crime, as police believed Green’s murder stemmed from long-standing anti-black violence by Latinos in the 204th Street Gang.

From the LAT story:

Prosecutors said Alcarez acted as a lookout for the shooter, 204th Street gang member Jonathan Fajardo.

On Dec. 15, 2006, Fajardo faced off with a black motorist in the neighborhood. He went to a stash house for a gun and then walked back to the neighborhood with Alcarez looking for the motorist, according to testimony in previous court hearings.


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